Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Adventures in Dorset!

Not long ago myself and mini ‘S’ headed off on our annual summer holiday.
This year we decided on Dorset, and amazingly managed to get a B&B type hotel in Weymouth for five nights at only £146 for the two of us! I was a bit mystified, about the low price, but after a year of hard work plus some ups and downs we so needed a holiday I wasn’t going to question it.
So, what do you think the reason was blog readers? Non-existent hotel? Half built hotel? Flea infestation? Seagull swarm? Luckily it was none of the above… The hotel was lovely (gorgeous room, friendly staff, heavenly breakfasts), and right on the sea front in Weymouth.  Actually it was because of the Olympics! Diana, the lovely hotel manager explained that many of their regular guests had cancelled because of the Olympics so we were the beneficiaries of a special offer as a result of low booking numbers… not that we were complaining about this at all J.

Swanning around:

I had been hearing about the Abbottsbury Swannery for years and we were quite excited about seeing so many swans and cygnets in one place…

Fortunately for us we arrived just in time for feeding, so mini ‘S’ took great delight in joining in to throw corn for the swans.

The Jurassic Coast:
Well, we certainly couldn’t go to Dorset without enjoying some fossil hunting.

In order to let the sea do the work (plus avoiding digging in soft cliffs is essential for safety), we chose to visit Charmouth on a low tide after a stormy night.

We were certainly luckily and found this beautiful selection of ammonites and belemnites

Very sadly, the week after we returned home from Dorset, we heard the news that a 22 year old woman had lost her life while walking along under the cliffs at Burton Bradstock. So just for your safety, keep these tips from the fossil collecting safety code in mind when close to the coast:

 J’s record of the week:
‘Echo Beach’
Martha and the

Although this song was released in 1979, most of my memories attached to it come from 1992, when our A-Level geology group came to Dorset on a field trip. Someone had  a ‘Martha and the Muffins’ tape, and we remarked how much the map of Chesil Beach looked like the tape cover. I expect our mini bus driving tutor – Mr Adrian Marks, got fed up with the group of us singing ‘On Chesil Beach, we watch the sun go down etc. etc…’ all week!

So, coming back to Dorset again twenty years later, I really did need to make this my record of the week – Enjoy! Jerushah X

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