All About Me

Hello ! My name is Jerushah and I am a masters student with the School of Science.
I have had many incarnations over the years, from processing geophysicist to primary school teacher. Currently however, I am studying for a masters by research focussing on climate change in the Quaternary period.
I spend many hours of my week looking down a microscope in a lab to identify pollen grains and diatoms (dear little microscopic organisms which are very pretty and resemble bottle tops and Christmas crackers!). Less frequently I am found wading around in peat bogs and coastal mud flats... It must be said that since finishing my postgraduate diploma in Petroleum Geology in 2002, I have been feeling there was a gap in my life that I couldn’t quite put my finger on...  and I’ve only recently realised that it is having a good excuse to get my hands dirty !
I am thirty something and still misspending my youth! I am really into my music and spend a lot of time listening to vintage soul and reggae, plus current R &B.  Coming from a family of professional musicians (virtually everyone except yours truly) I love live music of any genre but don’t get to gigs as often as I’d like. Consequently, when I do go out I like to stay out late !!
With regards to my music taste, my daughter’s favourite saying is ‘Turn it down Mum ! It’s hurting my ears !’
My other (extremely serious!) habit is cricket (watching, listening, reading about etc.). On a lot of weekends in the summer you can find me in my regular spot on the top floor of the Tavern Stand at Lord’s being extremely starry eyed. I am sure a few of my cricket anecdotes will work their way into my blogs, don’t ask me for the one about ‘Stephen Finn’s pen’ though,  as my friends, family and colleagues are already starting to glaze over when I mention it !
As for my other pastimes, I love hiking, Zumba dance, skiing and swimming. Being originally from Cornwall, surfing and being a beach baby is officially part of my cultural heritage...
Two weeks camping out on the beach every summer and crazy activities like swimming at Christmas are customary – surf’s up dudes ! Jerushah x