Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday:

Last week ‘Mini S’ had a short break away
with some friends, which meant her mum
was at a bit of a loose end and had loads of
time to plan the most fantastic Easter Egg hunt ever !
I excelled myself this time, as it took her at least one and a half hours
to solve all of the clues... There were some very imaginative hiding places,
believe me!

The Medway Steam Festival:

I was so looking forward to the Medway Steam Festival on Easter Monday (an event that ‘Mini S’ and me have attended for the last six years)... Then it rained! We had a great day though, all bundled up in our waterproofs.
There were loads of traction engines on display; my favourite bit was the traction engine parade where they all trundled past – what power! I couldn’t resist taking loads of photo’s, even if it was a bit gloomy.

After that we clambered in, out and around all of the ships on display. ‘Mini S’ was particularly amused by the ‘poop deck’ of the HMS Gannet, especially as the seagulls had been rather obliging over it. Actually the term stems from the French word ‘la poupe’ meaning ‘stern’ which has no sinister connotations at all!

The next interesting thing we found was the steampunk village. How does one describe steampunk? Hmmm... Sort of a cross between H.G. Wells, Fred Dibnah, Cybermen and Queen Victoria. They love corsets, kilts, bustles, spyglasses, goggles, hats and making modern items like laptops and phones look steam powered.

For a more in-depth explanation of steampunk, have a look on Wikipedia:

You never know, I enjoyed it so much you might see me donning a bustle, high top boots and monocle instead of a waterproof jacket, jeans and trainers next year!

J’s record of the week:
Rupert Holmes

Otherwise known as ‘the pina colada song!’ ‘Escape’ was released in 1979 on his ‘Partners in Crime’ album and reached number one in the USA. I’ve always loved this song, even before I knew what a pina colada was. Strangely, this week a work colleague & friend, the original ‘S’ (as he likes to refer to himself), approached me and randomly started singing. ‘S’said he would bet that ‘Escape’ was on my iPod... and guess what? He was right! Enjoy those (non alcoholic in my case) pina coladas everyone! Jerushah X

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